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Where can I park my car?

Around the corner from the museum is a parking garage. The entrance by car is on Zeestraat right next to the museum. If you walk out of the parking garage you will arrive at the Mauritskade, then it is a 300 meter walk to the museum around the corner.
Please note that not all buses and campers fit in this parking garage, the height of the garage is 1.95 m.

Can I use a wardrobe?

The wardrobe is free of charge and is located in the arrivals hall. Use is at your own risk, the wardrobe is unattended.


Visitors may bring bags of A4-size or smaller into the museum. Bags larger than A4-size should be dropped off at the checkroom or placed in a locker. (No coin required).

Can I only pay by card or also with cash?

In the museum and museum shop you can pay with either pin or cash. Please note: The museum café is cash free and handles pin-only.

I would like to visit the museum shop without a ticket. Is that possible?

Yes, you can visit both the museum café and the museum shop without a ticket. Would you like to see the rest of the museum afterwards? Then please buy a ticket at the counter.

Is the museum accessible with a wheelchair or walker?

The museum is ground floor but the panorama platform (from where the Panorama painting can be seen) has a spiral staircase of 23 steps. The stairs have handrails on both sides. There is a chairlift that a museum attendant can help you access. However, because the staircase to the panorama is a monument, there are limitations. Learn more about the museum's accessibility here.

Is the museum accessible with a mobility scooter?

Unfortunately, access with mobility scooters is not possible in the museum, we ask that you switch to one of the museum's wheelchairs.

Can my assistance dog come along?

Yes. Assistance dogs are welcome, other pets are not allowed in the museum.

Is photography allowed in the museum?

Yes, photography is permitted on a limited basis. However, you may not use flash, selfie stick and/or tripod while doing so.

Do you have an audio tour?

Museum Panorama Mesdag has several free audio tours, covering various masterpieces from the collection and the world-famous Panorama of Scheveningen. The audio tours can be listened to online via your own smartphone by activating a QR-code in the museum. We recommend bringing your own earphones/headphones. You can read more information here.

Do you offer guided tours?

Yes we do. View all guided tours here. A tour must be booked at least two weeks prior to the visit in order to guarantee a tour guide to be available at the desired time/day. Send an e-mail to or call us at: 070 310 6665.

Is Museum Panorama Mesdag suitable for children?

Absolutely! A treasure hunt is available specifcally for children. The scavenger hunt is available free of charge at the information desk, for children aged 6 - 12. There is also a family audio tour. In this tour, Hendrik Willem and Sientje take you along the Panorama of Scheveningen, pointing out special details and telling you stories about all there is to see.

Oh no, I forgot my coat/glasses/passes in Museum Panorama Mesdag. What should I do?

Don't panic, we keep all found objects until you have come to collect them. You can call us at 070 310 6665.

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