• Suze Robertson, Bleaching Meadow, c. 1895–98, watercolour on paper, 28.5 x 25.2 cm, private collection.
  • Suze Robertson, White Houses (Vollenhove), c. 1907, oil on canvas, 44.2 x 61.7 cm, private collection.
  • Suze Robertson, Old Hanna, c. 1903–10, pastel on cardboard, 47 x 38 cm, private collection.
  • Suze Robertson, Portrait of Siska, c. 1910–1915, oil on panel, 20,5 × 18,5 cm, Singer Laren, gift of Groeneveld-Woerlee 1993.
  • Suze Robertson, Girl Resting/Sleeping Girl, c. 1893–94, oil on canvas, 80 × 61 cm, private collection.
Portret van Siska
Slapend meisje

Special connection

Suze Robertson & Museum Panorama Mesdag

Suze Robertson, Lost in Thought, c. 1901–05, oil on panel, 56 x 46 cm, private collection.

Suze Robertson & Museum Panorama Mesdag

Museum Panorama Mesdag has a special connection to Suze Robertson's life and work. Hendrik Willem Mesdag and Sientje Mesdag-van Houten, the married couple who founded the museum, were friends with Robertson and avid collectors of her work.


Extensive study of Robertson's oeuvre

Book Suze Robertson

The exhibition will be accompanied by a richly illustrated standard work. This represents the first extensive study of Robertson's oeuvre and her place in the history of Dutch art, all in the context of her era. Authors are Kees van der Geer, Annemiek van Stokkom and Suzanne Veldink.

This publication will be in stores on 20 June 2022, published by Scriptum Art Books, The Hague.

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It is possible to buy the publication via the webshop of the museum (Dutch only).


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